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A bathtub or shower and its surroundings work together to create the overall bathroom environment. Often times, upgrading and replacing your wall surroundings and wainscoting is a quick and easy way to add both aesthetic and actual value to your bathroom.

Wall Surrounds

All Re-Bath wall surrounds are custom manufactured for your individual bath. Re-Bath offers you a large assortment of proprietary, one-of-a-kind, designer colors to bring and more than nine different patterns, including patented designs, to choose from. Accentuate your new dream bath with borders, sophisticated showerheads and hardware, top-of-the-line bathroom accessories and the perfect shower enclosures put a personal touch on your bathroom’s design.

Re-Bath’s Wall Surrounds are manufactured from our state-of-the-art DuraBath SSP™ material. DuraBath SSP™ is a solid surface non-porous polymer, which means mold and mildew will never grow on your bath walls again. This patented, exclusive material dramatically outperforms acrylic materials used by other bathroom remodeling companies and carries a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty against product defects. You'll have the confidence that you will enjoy your new bathroom for as long as you own your home. Re-Bath is the exclusive manufacturer for DuraBath SSP™, which is simply the best material for bath remodeling and far out performs acrylic materials used by other bathroom remodeling companies.

Your new Re-Bath Wall Surrounds are grout free, so say goodbye to scrubbing those old and moldy grout lines. Re-Bath provides a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty on your new bath so you have the confidence that you will enjoy your new bath for as long as you own your home.We also carry the best national brands of natural stone and ceramic tile walls for traditional, luxurious look.


Installing Wainscoting has a number of significant advantages in terms of both appearance and functionality. From a design perspective, wainscoting can open up an otherwise small area and give the appearance of a larger space. Wainscoting is also an ideal way to add an interior design feature to your bathroom that offers an elegant addition of color, style, texture or pattern. Wainscoting also helps protect the walls outside your tub and shower from the normal wear and tear common in the bathroom area.

Re-Bath offers twelve designer colors of Wainscot to choose from and you can pick from more than 10 different patterns that include patented design styles. You can even choose from several different border patterns to add that elegant and personal touch to the design of your new bathroom.

All Wainscoting from Re-Bath is manufactured from our proprietary and exclusive DuraBath SSP™ material. A solid surface polymer, DuraBath SSP™ is simply the best material to use for bath remodeling. DuraBath SSP™ is a non-porous material, which means that mold and mildew won’t grow on its surface. It outperforms the old acrylic product common in the marketplace today.