Health Focus: Essential Oils

Ah, Essential Oils. These little glass bottles have captured the attention of health gurus, soccer moms and young people everywhere for good reason. What was once a means of natural fragrance is now a potent concoction of minerals, vitamins, and extracts that can be delivered to your system at record […]

Health Focus: Health Hazard Hot Spots

Bathrooms are areas devoted to health and relaxation. Unfortunately, they are often breeding grounds for harmful bacterias, molds, and other health hazards. The professionals at Re-Bath of the Southeast have some helpful tips for you. When you’re doing your deep cleaning this spring, look out for these often-forgotten “health hazard […]

4 Quick Cleaning Tips

Spring is on the way, and along with it comes the annual itch to make everything shiny and new. While you roll up your sleeves to start your spring cleaning, have you ever thought about whether or not everything in your bathroom needs a deep cleaning? You might be surprised […]

The Grit on Grout

Tile’s cool, durable surface makes it easy to clean and beautiful when it washes up. Grout, on the other hand, can quickly become an eyesore that’s like a giant blemish on your bathroom. Most people don’t have the time or energy to put forth weekly scrubbing to avoid major stains […]